8 Unusual Wedding Cake Ideas

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Nowadays people are thinking out of the box when it comes to their wedding and their wedding cakes. Although the traditional cake is still popular, it is now in different shapes and sizes. Some people are not even having a “cake” but are serving cheese cake or even an oreo stacked cake. We have seen castle shaped wedding cakes, car shaped cakes, and even mobster style. You are limited only by your imagination so have some fun!

Here is a growing list of some of our favorite ideas:

1. Amazing Car Cake by Mike McCarey, Cake Decorating Instructor with Craftsy

Click http://j.mp/144moqn to check out Mike McCarey’s class, Classic Car, Timeless Techniques for 25% off!

One of the world’s most accomplished and innovative cake sculptors, Mike works pastry magic at his Redmond, Wash., bakery, Mike’s Amazing Cakes.

When you take Mike’s class:

What You’ll Learn

– How to create the car cake of your choice or recreate Mike’s elegant 1936 roadster
– To create a convincing clear windshield using an innovative material, gelatin!
– Techniques for getting the perfect crumb coat on uniquely shaped cakes
– How to sculpt and carve a cake stable enough to support numerous accessories
– Time-saving tips for creating each component and assembling all the details

What You’ll Make

– Reusable templates based on your car’s blueprint specifications
– An accurate auto body sculpted from your custom templates
– “Chrome” trim and cake tires that look ready to hit the road
– Sleek modeling chocolate fenders and seats
– A dashboard complete with speedometer and 3-D steering wheel
– Gum paste headlights, horns and modeling chocolate hood ornaments

What You’ll Love

– Using these techniques to sculpt any car – be it a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle or a 2013 Lamborghini Spyder
– Mike’s affable personality and accessible teaching style
– A 30-second repeat option that lets you loop any section of instruction
– Downloadable, printable class materials with a supply list, instructions and the blueprint to the 1936 roadster

Source: Meet Mike McCarey, Cake Decorating Instructor with Craftsy – YouTube

2. Hogwarts Castle Wedding Cake

Harry Potter themed cake by Tarns Cake Studio

We have featured this cake before because it is absolutely awesome! This is a recreation of Hogwarts that served as a wedding cake. Absolutely magical!

3. R2D2 Robot Cake with Spinning Head from Star Wars, The Making Of

A Possible Wedding Cake for Star Wars Fans?

Lifesize R2D2 Star Wars Cake with spinning head, LED Lights and Sound Effects!
We made this R2D2 cake for someone’s wedding! R2D2 is fully edible! The Head and the Legs are made of Rice Krispy Treats, and the body is made of decadent layers of Chocolate Parisian, Triple Berry, and Dulce De Leche Cake! It was a fun 2 week project.
Thanks to all those that helped make this possible!

Cake by Merengue Bakery & Cafe
110 E. Colorado Blvd,Monrovia, CA 91016

Soundtrack – “Star Wars Main Title” by John Williams
We (Merengue Bakery) DO NOT own this track.

Video directed, produced, and filmed by Chris Mang (Owner, Merengue Bakery & Cafe)
All footage shot on the Go Pro Hero HD Cam, Canon S95, iPhone 5
Video Software: Final Cut Pro X

Cake Base and Stand made by Kiko Machine Automation (Owner Miguel Ferrer III)
1854 Belcroft Ave, El Monte, CA 91733 | kikosewing@aol.com

4. Life-size Wedding Dress Cake for Food Network


Have Your Wedding Dress Turned into a Wedding Cake

This life-size wedding dress cake was created for the Food Network Outrageous Wedding Cakes special that premiered on June 28th, 2014.

See behind the scenes photos of the taping and cake at:


Interesting in learning how to make this dress yourself? Check out our dress cake class!

How to make a Dress Cake Class!

Visit us for more cakes:

5. Disney Animated Cake for your Disney Fairy Tale Wedding

Absolutely Amazing Animated Cakes by Disney

With this new, customizable image mapping technology that turns a wedding cake into a Disney animated cake. Whether couples showcase a photo slideshow, home video or a favorite quote, the frosting base is re-imagined into an enchanting canvas. Using a projector and motion sensors a moving image is projected on a blank slate of the wedding cake making it come alive with each couple’s unique story.

Disney-themed options for the interactive cake are endless too, including fireworks over Cinderella Castle, Tinker Bell sprinkling pixie dust over iced tiers, or Cinderella’s carriage and horses galloping around the cake’s exterior.

The cake-mapping option is available for couples booking the Wishes Wedding Collection at Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney World Packages, Resorts, Hotels and tickets! Book online with great exclusive rates at http://www.ExploreTheMagic.com/booknow

Packages or Tickets: 888-WDW-CHEAP

6. How to Make 3-D Contoured Wedding Cake Cookies (Part 2)

Prefer Cookies to Wedding Cake -This is a beautiful and creative idea!

I’m back with Part 2 of my 3-D contoured wedding cake cookie video! An unexpected alternative to traditional cake!

In this segment, I put all of the pieces together into four-tiers of cookie magic. Specifically, I show how to assemble the two cookie sides and base to form one tier (or a simple basket, if you’d rather skip all four tiers). Then I demonstrate how to conceal the seams with gorgeous cookie flowers and share two options for stacking all four tiers – bottom to top, or top to bottom. Though, admittedly, bottom to top is the easiest approach!

YouTube is phasing out the form of annotations (links to videos) that you’ve seen in my past videos. They’ve introduced a new way for linking off to related videos and sites called “cards”, which you’ll see in this video. If you look under the “i” in the upper right corner of the video, you’ll be able to find all of my quick links to the most important videos, tutorials, and other info related to this video. Additional related links can still be found in my video descriptions, as below.

IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO, please give it a like and subscribe to/follow my channel. It is only through your support that I can afford to make more videos. THANK YOU!

Gingerbread recipe: http://www.juliausher.com/blog/more/cutout_cookie_gingerbread
Royal Icing recipe (with consistency adjustments): http://www.juliausher.com/blog/more/royal_icing
3-D Contoured Wedding Cake Cookie (Part 1 – The Sides) video: https://youtu.be/gAmWCxaiqDM
How to Contour Cookie Dough video: http://tinyurl.com/q5ezswr
How to Make Embossed (Molded) Cookies video: http://tinyurl.com/pdt96bh
Flower Silicone Molds source: http://tinyurl.com/mvbkt3q (small roses); http://tinyurl.com/ljds2rw (chrysanthemum)
Gold Luster Spray source (I used Pavoni brand on the flowers, but PME, Chefmaster, and other brands are readily available online): http://tinyurl.com/mp57amf
Veined Rose Leaf Plunger Cutter source (I used separate leaf cutters and veiners, but these cutters will do the job of those two tools): http://tinyurl.com/l9cxyjg

PROJECT DIMENSIONS: Bottom plate: 8-inch diameter; Bottom tier: 4 ½-inch diameter; Second tier and base plate: 3 ¾- to 4-inch diameter; Third tier and base plate: 3-inch diameter; Fourth tier and base plate: 2-inch diameter. All tiers were cut between 2 and 2 ¼ inches tall. Fondant leaves are 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inches long; cookie flowers are 1/2 inch to 1 3/4 inches wide. Fully assembled with flowers, the cookie cake stands about 11 inches tall.


NOTE: My DVD was discontinued on November 1, 2014. Select videos will be migrated to YouTube over time, but my app will remain the only place where you can still purchase/see all 15 videos in my original DVD series.


My site/blog: http://www.juliausher.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JuliaMUsherFanPage
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JuliaMUsher
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/juliamusher/
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+JuliaMUsher1/posts

Music by: Kevin MacLeod, http://www.incompetech.com
Videography/Editing by: Kat Touschner, https://www.youtube.com/user/kattouschner

7. Beach Wedding Cake Tutorial

Creative and Casual – Incorporate the Beach Theme into your Cake

For more tutorials, please visit http://www.yenersway.com/category/tutorials/
In this free tutorial, learn how to decorate a cake in a beach theme with sea shells, starfish, sand, rocks and sea weed.

8. Alice and Wonderland Theme cake

This enchanting homage to Lewis Carroll’s signature story is an absolute delight. Three topsy-turvy tiers combine to create an off-kilter tower that would be right at home in that land Alice discovered when she decided to take the risk and go “down the rabbit hole”. The tiers are alternately decorated, utilizing a “Harlequin-esque” diamond motif on the bottom and top layers, in red and black, then blue and black. The middle one is a bright turquoise blue with bold black stripes. The White Rabbit’s pocket watch is prominently displayed and the Cheshire Cat lounges on the bottom tier, trademark smile in place. The entire work rests on the Red Queen’s black and white checkered chessboard, where Alice curtsies. Hand-crafted flowers are strategically placed and embellished by springy wire curlicues. The numerals atop this work carry the checkerboard design from the base to the top. “Alice’s Wonderland” will have everyone wondering if they’ve accidentally stepped through the looking glass.

1145 – Alice’s Wonderland





Wedding Cakes | Fresh Bakery | Pastry Palace Las Vegas



These are just a few creative wedding cake ideas. We will be adding more to this list, as we find them.
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