Cream filled chocolate cupcakes | Video recipe

Delicious whipped cream filled cupcakes recipe

This is a fairly easy cupcake recipe to make. Just follow along with this video and have a pen and paper handy.

These chocolate cupcakes come with a surprise – a vanilla cream-filled centre! The result is irresistible to kids and adults alike. Watch this video to see how to make these cupcakes and find the entire recipe on

Moist chocolate cupcakes are taken to the next level when filled with a luscious vanilla cream. These little cakes couldn’t be easier to do, but they’ll impress everyone from little ones at a child’s birthday party to colleagues at a work do.

You can do as we do in the video and both fill the cakes with the cream and top them with it, too. Or you can also opt to just fill the cakes with the cream, and then ice the cakes with your favourite vanilla or chocolate buttercream recipe.

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